Renaissance School Pilot ideamapper

The Renaissance School is a non-profit school that believes students deserve to be taught in the way they learn best – in small group settings with differentiated, hands-on learning opportunities, making them the perfect fit to pilot ideamapper.

Mind Mapping from a School Leader perspective

“Mind mapping is an excellent tool for students with learning differences. Many students with learning differences have a difficult time conveying thought processes to paper. Mind mapping allows students to problem solve, be creative, and visualize, which then increases productivity. You will see an improvement in their overall thought process and especially in their writing skills. Mind mapping not only increases abilities, but students self-esteem will soar. Mind mapping allows a creative way to easily convey ideas in a well-thought-out, organized fashion.

ideamapper is an ideal mind mapping software. When using ideamapper students creativity begins to pour out. All students using it begin to excel. Their self-esteem increases and they become excited to learn! ideamapper is engaging, user friendly, and truly enhances the academic experience.”

– Courtney M. Klotz, M.Ed, SMHS, BCCS
Executive Director/Head of School RS

Diamond Hierarchy mind map

This student used mind mapping to demonstrate her knowledge of precious and semi-precious stones. She included aspects as to how they are all related and important to her.

Voice of the Classroom Educator

“I had a great time working on this pilot with my students during the last couple of weeks of school. It was a great way to end the school year! The amount of recall, creativity, and productivity that my students exhibited was phenomenal! I am so proud of them! Their final product, the map itself, is testimony that mind maps work, especially for students with learning differences! My students were excited to see their thoughts and stories come alive on their maps. Their visualization was instant, which increased the amount of organized ideas to be conveyed.

It was a true innovation in my classroom, as some of my students have Dysgraphia and severe ADHD making it extremely difficult for them to get their ideas from their thoughts to their paper in the traditional way of writing. My students’ confidence in writing increased dramatically in just the short amount of time it was used. The feedback from my students proved that ideamapper is a fun, engaging, and user-friendly mind mapping software!”

– Mrs. JoAnn Delgado-Clemmons
English Language Arts Lead Teacher
Spanish Teacher

All About Me - Mind Map
This student used mind mapping to share a simple “ALL About Me” – great activity for an icebreaker and self-reflection.

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