Mind mapping For K12

Create, structure, write.

ideamapper is a powerful mind mapping, visual learning, and writing tool, which produces well-structured documents.

Plan, write, reference, pubish

ideamapper simplifies the writing process and combines visual creativity with a simple 3 step structure to help create well-structured documents.

Brainstorm & Plan

Let your creativity free. Customize your mind maps so they are best suited to you.

Structure & Customize

View both the map and the text document at the same time using our unique “Split Screen”.

Publish your work

Present or publish your document in the format that suits you, using our unique presentation and publishing tool.

Make Writing Simpler

Use the creativity of mind mapping to help plan out and structure your ideas. Then use our split-screen view to simultaneously write your document.

Get Creative With Your Writing

Mind Mapping

Brainstorm directly into digital mind maps to enhance your problem solving and let your ideas run free

Essay Writing

See your essay come together. Generate, visualize, organize, revise. Clarify your essay topic all in one workable space.