Just in time for the NEW School Year! Ideamapper is now part of the NYSCATE Corporate Council

Happy ‘Back to School’ to School Season One and All!

NYSCATE logoIdeamapper is excited to announce that we are now a proud member of the NYSCATE Corporate Council. We are honored to be part of a group of dedicated education technology solution providers working together with the NYSCATE Board of Directors to serve the teachers, students and parents of New York State.

The NYSCATE Corporate Council is led by education technology veteran, Sean McDonough. He sums up this initiative nicely on their website: “The NYSCATE Corporate Council was created in 2010, recognizing that many visionary companies are interested in aligning resources for thought leadership … Corporate Council members are companies and startups that share in the mission and vision of NYSCATE in servicing NYS educators.”

“We are excited to have ideamapper join the ranks of our NYSCATE Corporate Council,” said Sean McDonough, Corporate Member Engagement Coordinator at NYSCATE. “It is especially exciting to work with Joyce Whitby (Lifelong EdTechknowledgist) and Tom Whitby (Master teacher and Co-Founder of #edchat, aka @tomwhitby), two New York lifelong educators who are shepherding the launch of ideamapper in the United States,” added McDonough, “They really get what we are trying to do here at NYSCATE, to support educators statewide with the power of technology and relevant professional development necessary to be a teacher in this complicated world we live in today.”

Ideamapper is a powerful “mind mapping” tool, which promotes development of critical thinking skills, collaboration, communication and strong writing skills across curriculum areas. “I think of ideamapper as much more than just a writing tool” said Tom Whitby, “After teaching English for over 40 years, I have personally used mind mapping as a teaching strategy to help my students brainstorm, organize and present their thoughts on a wide range of subject areas. Simply said – it works.”

Ideamapper will be presenting at the upcoming NYSCATE Annual Conference in November, Educators should follow @idea_mapper on their favorite social media platform (LinkedIn, Instagram, Threads, Facebook,Twitter) so as not to miss upcoming blogs, webinars and participation at other events this school year. Better yet, sign up for more information here and inquire about FREE Pilots now available for the 2023-24 school year.


The New York State Computers and Technology in Education (NYSCATE) is the New York state affiliate for ISTE (iste.org) SETDA (setda.org) and COSN (cosn.org). Now with over 29,000 members NYSCATE has been around for well over three decades!  It evolved from a pre-existing organization originally formed in 1965 called New York State Association for Educational Data Systems (NYSAEDS). The name was changed to NYSCATE in 1986 and the organization focused on the practical integration and application of technology in schools statewide. Here is great link if you are interested in the details of the full NYSCATE history.

About ideamapper

Ideamapper is a “mind mapping” application which is used extensively in both education and business to brainstorm, organize thoughts, and write well-structured documents. It takes any project or paper from conception to completion. Visit www.ideamapper.com  and explore the features and benefits of ideamapper. Stay updated on our latest news, webinars, and success stories. Sign up for our newsletter to receive valuable resources and exclusive offers. For more information about pilots and adoptions email joyce@ideamapper.com

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