How Does Mind Mapping Aid Revision?

Mind-map; a diagram used to visually organize information. It is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole.

Often created around a singular concept, where related depictions are added. This can include images, additional ideas or diagrams. If directly associated, they are connected to the central point, where expansions can branch further. Mind-maps can be used to formulate, imagine, structure, and clarify ideas; aiding educational and business means.

In terms of education, mind-mapping can be a powerful tool. Researchers carried out an investigation in which 80% of students believed mind-mapping was responsible for their understanding of scientific ideas and concepts. Software applications have automated this process, allowing for the creation of larger and complex mind maps. As well as the ability to easily re-organise branches simply by dragging them around a map, as opposed to having to start over. Some mind mapping software applications go as far as to integrate with Microsoft Office. This allows students to export their maps into other documents such as Word. Software such as ideamapper.

Working with mind-maps can help students organise their ideas and concepts. Often, an outline is sequential, which can be hard for some, predominantly visual thinkers, to work with. Mind-mapping allows for free, non-sequential organisation. This ensures information coherency that may be otherwise impossible for the visual mind.

This method can:

  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Increase achievement levels
  • Enhance thinking and learning skills
  • Increase retention
  • Support cognitive learning theory

The benefits of using mind-mapping for revision are notable. A simple and easy method to retain information. Use the subject area as the main concept, and allow any additional information deemed relevant to branch off. Attach images, graphs and references to ensure all elements of the theory are covered. Along with adding a unique style to the map. Use the 3D viewer to see your notes even more visually, or simply export the notes to finalise a report. The opportunities know no bounds when using ideamapper.

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