Fall into the Rabbit-Hole of Mind Mapping

Being creative can be easier said than done. Thinking creatively at work can be beneficial to help you complete tasks and think up new ideas. There aren’t many opportunities to make use of colors, shapes and pictures while being productive and completing written work, but mind mapping is one way to incorporate all of these things into our work on a regular basis.

ideamapper is one piece of mind mapping software which allows you to do just that, being able to make written work more interesting and visual. Why settle for boring lists or excessive use of post-it notes? Use your inner creativity to flourish!

It’s proven that making our work as visual as possible helps with memory, processing and understanding information. Another huge bonus is that it’s nicer to look at, rather than staring at long pieces of text – especially if you’ve designed it yourself! ideamapper allows you to do just that, creating mind maps using different designs, layouts and colors to make it your own unique mind map. You can even add pictures from anywhere, so when using this software, you’ll never be bored of your work!

Not the creative type? Never used mind mapping before? Not a problem!

ideamapper has a great ‘Getting Started’ guide to help you along the way, and loads of creative templates/examples of just a few things you can use. Once started, you’ll discover the creativity within you and you’ll never complete written work in the same way again. For these reasons, ideamapper is the perfect tool, as there are no limits to what you can use it to create.

Just think – you have an essay to write with endless pages of notes to read, and somehow you need to organize them all into some kind of logical order. No need to worry because you have ideamapper.

Begin by creating your mind map, designed around the main themes and ideas your essay has to contain, you can then break these down into smaller and more specific ideas using different shapes and colors – just because you can. Use these to separate and segregate ideas, topics, days, lessons; the possibilities are endless. Not only are you left with a mind map which reflects a structured report or assignment, but you are left with the ability to swap, change and edit this structure by simply dragging your ideas around. The result? A structured, colorful mind map, bursting of your ideas! This is still all you, but the true you.

And even better – once finished, one click transforms your mind map into a structured, logical, flowing essay ready for submission! Let yourself fall into the rabbit-hole of mind-mapping, and once there, you don’t know what you’ll uncover, all we do know is that you’ll never look back!

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