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ideamapper is a powerful mind mapping, visual learning and writing tool, which produces well-structured documents.

ideamapper for Higher Education

Learn how to: create, structure, reference, write, with ideamappers unique range of features designed for Higher Education.

ideamapper for K12

Introducing ideamapper, a mind mapping, visual learning and writing tool, for K-12. Learn, Plan, Write, Publish.

Renaissance School of the Eastern Shore

The Renaissance School is a non-profit school that believes students deserve to be taught in the way they learn best – in small group settings with differentiated, hands-on learning opportunities, making them the perfect fit to pilot ideamapper.

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A Wealth of Resources

See a wide range of features and resources here, from getting started, technical documentation, or our many teacher and student templates.


Here you will find all the technical documentation for both editions, you can also send a support request.


There is an extensive list of templates available, tailored to use for Higher Education.


Our training videos help both teachers and students make the most of all of ideamappers features.


Check out our Blog page for info and research on all things mind mapping, writing and learning.

Reference tool

With ideamappers built-in referencing tool, students can reference documents quicker and easier than ever before.



Use our presentation tool to publish or present documents in the format that suits your individual learning style.

Check out what others are saying

Check out what our customers and partners are saying about ideamapper, before trying it for yourself.

"A friend recommended ideamapper after explaining my struggles with referencing, this feeling quickly faded into the background on my list of concerns. I felt a lot calmer going into my 15,000-word dissertation as I was able to reference my assignments using ideamapper confidently."

James Whalley


"When I need to plan my lessons quickly and easily, ideamapper lets me display and customize my workspace to fit my style of teaching."

Miss Shaw


"Finding a tool such as ideamapper at 42 years old has improved my confidence and has been the difference between gaining a 2-2 at degree level and gaining a First at masters level."

Joanne Wood


"When I'm working, I need to dump notes and ideas quickly or else I will easily forget them. This was easy with ideamapper and arranging my ideas together proved just as simple."

Lucy Allen

"I have been a lifelong mind mapper using pen and paper to display my ideas. I clung to this way of mind mapping for many years, so the thought of changing from paper to electronic was a little out of my comfort zone. But after trying ideamapper, I can honestly say I was worrying over nothing."

David Bush

"ideamappers split-screen feature has helped me so much with my recent assignments. Being able to see my mind map and document on the same screen is such a relief. Not having to switch between 2 different windows has saved me time, better spent on my work."

Dan Fellows

"My dyslexia causes me to repeat myself and lose concentration when working, but ideamapper is so easy to use and has helped me improve my writing. It's so handy being able to move paragraphs just by clicking and dragging the map."

Katherine Haswell


"Been using ideamapper for over a year and by far the standout tool for me was the referencing tool. The anxiety I had experienced because of referencing in the past was immense and to have this removed was liberating."

Emma Green


The Latest

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